Museum of Gacka

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Gacka Museum in Otočac is a county museum with a rich historical and cultural tradition. The museum is located in the very center of the city

In the collection entitled 'Otočac through History' one can trace the events in the area of Gacka from distant prehistory, Romans, first mention of the town, wars against the Turks, Military Frontier, World Wars I and II to the period of the economic and cultural development of the city and the suffering in the Homeland War of 1991.

The Archaeological 'Iapydic' Collection is presented in the objects of material culture: jewelry, weapons, tools, kitchenware, life and work of the Illyrian tribe of Iapydes from middle to late Bronze Age, i.e., from the 10th century BC to the arrival of the Romans at the end of the 1st century BC.

The ethnographic collection reflects the traditional life and culture of Gacka in the last hundred years, presenting exhibits from the traditional culture characteristic of the area, such as tools for manufacture of textile products, pottery, and male and female national costumes.

Particularly valuable is the Memorial Collection of the Academic Painter Stojan Aralica, a world-renowned colorist who was born in Otočac. The exhibits include his oil paintings, drawings in ink, pencil and charcoal, as well as his personal items, documents, photographs, painting tools, and books.

The Homeland War Collection presents the light and heavy weaponry used in the war, as well as the remains of shells, air-dropped bombs, different caliber bullets, etc. The collection also presents the chronology of war developments with pictures of damaged facilities and buildings.

Gacko pučko otvoreno učilište Otočac
Museum Gacka
Croatia, 53220 Otočac, Ulica kralja Zvonimira 37
Tel. / Fax : 053 771 143;
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Museum visiting hours:
every working day from 8 a.m.–3 p.m.
Group visits outside visiting hours arranged upon request
Parking space is available in close proximity to the Museum

Permanent collections:

* Archaeological (Japodska) Collection
* A collection of academic painter Stojan Aralica
* Ethnographic Collection
* Collection of the War
* Otočac through history (Historical Collection)