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This border fortress in Otočac lies by the river of Gacka, and the part where the captain is located with most of his men is surrounded with walls with several towers. There is also the church of Saint Mary and the chapel of St Fabian and Sebastian. The rest of the unit and most inhabitants live outside the fortress, in clay-covered houses built on thick poles amid water.


Otočac (4.373 inhabitants) is the seat of the Gacka area and the seat of township. It is one of the oldest towns with Croatian population. The first written records of the town date back to the end of the 11th century (1100) and the Baška Tablet, an inscribed stone tablet from the island of Krk which belongs among the earliest known monuments to Croatian literacy and culture. 

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Otočac border guards

Until 1746 there was a structure of the military frontier whose origins give follow up to 1469 when the Hungarian-Croatian king Andrew founded Senj captain which involved Gacko (from Otočac and Brinje) and the Coast from Senj to Rijeka. According to this model in the 16th century. Founded and another master's across the border to the Turks. Senj's Office had early given the name Coastal Giulia (Maritima confinia).

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DVD Otočac

Water and fire have always been both man’s greatest allies and worst enemies, as illustrated by the old sayings:  "Water and fire are good servants but bad masters” and "Extinguish the fire, save the brother" the letter of which stresses the humane nature of the fire-fighting profession.

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Otočac through history

This display presents in a selective way, through description of events, through documents and photographs, the known facts about the history of the Gacka River area and the town of Otočac from prehistoric times to the present. It covers the period from the first settlements by Iapodes to the recent War of Independence of 1991.

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Gacka park of croatian memory

In the centre of Otočac there is the Church of the Holy Trinity, the rectory and a smaller green surface – Gacka Park of Croatian Memory.

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The fort "Fortica"

The fortress Fortica was built by the people of Senj in 1619, fortifying the town of Otočac from the hill with the same name, situated on an island in the middle of river Gacka, as well as Senj itself, which was being defended in Gacka area from the Turks.

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Stations of the Cross

Fifteen stations of the Way of the Cross placed on the brows of Fortica in Otočac are a contribution not only to the religious contents in this town, but they also represent a special artistic experience to every visitor.

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Monument to croatian defenders from the war of independence in Otočac

To celebrate 20 years of Croatian independence, at the initiative of the town of Otočac, in cooperation with defenders’ associations, a new Monument to Croatian Defenders from the War of Independence was erected in 2011 in Otočac. The author of the Monument is academic sculptor Mario Varšić.

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